Mission Statement

The Mission of the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee is to serve and safeguard our community through efficient and effective volunteer service, which helps protect life and property ensuring the best interest of our community. Spearheading our program is our CERT Program (Community Emergency Response Team), which is comprised of volunteer teams who are trained in basic safety and emergency preparedness. This community based program helps provide rapid and safe care for South Granada Hills residents in the event of a major incident or large scale disaster. When called upon, our CERT volunteers provide basic care, stabilization and information within our community until emergency responders can arrive on the scene, and upon request, will remain on scene to assist emergency responders as long as necessary. During non-emergency situations, our Committee focuses on public education and awareness to help increase the emergency preparedness of all residents in Granada Hills.

Committee Members

  • Deron Lopez, Chair
  • Don Graham
  • Andrew Wall
  • Rene Trinidad
  • Jeffery Bohrer

Goals: To assist residents and public agencies in time of emergency and to help the community prepare for an emergency.

Agendas & Minutes

Where you don’t see Agendas, no committee meeting for that month occurred.

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Disaster Kit

Twenty Weeks to Preparedness

Building a Disaster Supplies Kit: A 20-Week Checklist

The Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council emergency Preparedness Committee has provided this handy checklist for you.  It is a simple way to build a full emergency kit for you and your family over 20 weeks.  Click the image below to download and print the PDF brochure.

GH Nixle

Granada Hills Nixle Alerts

Fire Station 87

Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Station 87.

Devonshire LAPD

Los Angeles Police Department Devonshire Area

Neighboring NCs

CERT Training

Neighborhood watch

SLO Angeles

Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Janine Angeles Basic Car Meeting 17A49 –
4th Tuesday of the Month at Emeritus of Northridge 17650 Devonshire St
Northridge, CA.

SLO Del Core

Senior Lead Officer Dario Del Core Basic Car Meeting 17A35 –
2nd Tuesday of the Month at St. Euphrasia Church 11766 Shoshone Ave
Granada Hills, CA.